First Swap Experience – How I Did Something Unbelievable

This is a most beautiful and well written of a very wonderful sexual experience. What a fantastic way to ease into the LS unintentionally. We both had to fuck after reading this. We LOVE real stories from real Tuesday, April 02, 2019 folks. A great deal can be learned as well as experienced from others. We look so forward to more real stories. Thank you much.

The Swingersville By Amaaya

From long times lots of my fans, friends, followers asking how we get into this lifestyle, in my few blogs I have given a hint, that nothing was prepared, planned to get into this lifestyle, but yes from starting or our married life we both were so open to each other and naughty / kinky as well. Hope you read my blog about our honeymoon as well, and exhibitionism too.

So here I am, today I am gonna tell, our incidental true story happened wit us, and how we became swingers, our first swap experience which was happened on 13 December 2012.

Let’s start, as I told our first swap experience was unplanned, happened incidental, we never discussed before this incident about swingers lifestyle but yes we were aware about this lifestyle.

We were in India and visited our very close friends place, they were Navish’s very close friends (Megha…

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