First Swap Experience – How I Did Something Unbelievable

This is a most beautiful and well written of a very wonderful sexual experience. What a fantastic way to ease into the LS unintentionally. We both had to fuck after reading this. We LOVE real stories from real Tuesday, April 02, 2019 folks. A great deal can be learned as well as experienced from others. We look so forward to more real stories. Thank you much.

The Swingersville By Amaaya

From long times lots of my fans, friends, followers asking how we get into this lifestyle, in my few blogs I have given a hint, that nothing was prepared, planned to get into this lifestyle, but yes from starting or our married life we both were so open to each other and naughty / kinky as well. Hope you read my blog about our honeymoon as well, and exhibitionism too.

So here I am, today I am gonna tell, our incidental true story happened wit us, and how we became swingers, our first swap experience which was happened on 13 December 2012.

Let’s start, as I told our first swap experience was unplanned, happened incidental, we never discussed before this incident about swingers lifestyle but yes we were aware about this lifestyle.

We were in India and visited our very close friends place, they were Navish’s very close friends (Megha…

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1. My Journey Begins

We recommend reading by anyone curious, beginner, seasoned in the LS or just enjoy reading from the beginning, someone else’s life story. We definitely recommend reading the husband (Secret Stag) short story first for it sets up all after it. Enjoy. Learn. Open your mind.

Secret Vixen

Thanks for joining me!

As I danced the night away with my university friends (circa 2007) to Scouting For Girls’ She’s So Lovely, the lyrics “She’s flirty, turned thirty and that’s the age a girl gets really dirty” blared out of the speakers. Never in my wildest dreams did I think, that fast forward a decade, those ‘eloquently’ put words would so aptly describe me; a married woman with two young children. My thirties have indeed ignited a passion that, up until now, laid dormant awaiting the right spark. That ‘spark,’ being my husband encouraging me to sleep with other men…

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It’s the End…

Hey Y’all,

So once the day comes where Tumblr will no longer show naked people…  I’ll be in the following places…  I actually am already there so check it out!

My favorite place:  Adult Friend Finder where my user name is AshevilleMom. I love this site as there are so many genuine people that simply love to have horny fun with others. A great chat room, video chat and all the very naughty pictures and videos we all have posted there.  It’s worth the cost to find a place that I know you’ll find horny moms and me!


I love all the naughty content on Twitter and I certainly post my share there so check it out.  It’s a fun place to post the wild things I find myself getting into being an Uber driving slut!


This will likely be where I post all of my naughty adventures through my stories.  I was recently banned from a gonewildstories group but still have my favorite of as it fits who I am pretty well.

See you on the other side…  All 215,000 of you, sniff, sniff.

Kisses, Jen

If you’re leaving Tumblr for good, then cancel your account on your way out.




Sounds drastic. Especially for content creators who may still need Tumblr for commissions while they find an alternative.

If you can swing it, here’s why:

I suspect that the December 17th deadline is so that Verizon/Yahoo can clean house and make Tumblr appealing to investors. This is a Q4/Q1 fire sale kind of thing. It makes a certain amount of business sense to make this change. Human-lead content curation (e.g. separating the CP from the legit) is expensive and time-consuming. I doubt they have the money for it. They already sold off Flickr. As a long-time Flickr pro user, I’m not pleased by the change and increase in pro account price, but I get it.

Investors are looking for a user base. User base is a prime attraction for investment or buy-out for a social media platform or application (I speak from experience as a co-founder of

Every account that is cancelled will be one less account in Tumblr’s user base for their pitch. I assume that there are millions of accounts with some percentage simply being abandoned accounts that haven’t been used in years. So cancelling one’s account on the way out the door won’t really matter unless the number of cancelled accounts reaches several hundred thousand at least.

If you decide to leave and cancel, then I also recommend sending a polite message to Tumblr staff, or tweet to the account about why you are leaving.

Finally, using Twitter to voice your concerns and thoughts about this issue will increase its visibility. They ain’t gonna like that. Media outlets that cater to tech entrepreneurs, and Silicon Valley types are going to be all over this.

I never ask for reblogs, but I will this one time.


Cancel your accounts people! They will still count you as a user even if they remove all of your content.



The term Stag cuckold differs from the usual use of the term cuckold. According to Sage Vivant, author of the book ‘Your Erotic Personality’, Stag cuckolds are typically heterosexual men who get off on the idea of their wives or girlfriends being with other men but do not really fit the historical term cuckold. Many such men dislike the term cuckold because society has denigrated its meaning, making it a shameful thing. The term cuckold has not only been misunderstood but also rather disrespected throughout history. They were seen as weak men that in a bizarre tradition from Europe were seen to wear antlers as symbols of this supposed weakness. Thankfully in modern times we are a little more enlightened and in recent years the meaning of the word has morphed into something more empowering for both genders. The growth of the term ‘HOTWIFE’ in reference to the partners of such men is now well established in sexual subcultures. A small minority of these men are cuckolds proper in that they seek humiliation and debasement and possible homosexual encounters, and there is nothing wrong with that, to each his own fetish, however, by far the greater number of cuckold men identify what should properly be referred to as ‘Stag’ cuckolds. They share with general cuckolds the desire to see their partners take on extra lovers while they remain monogamous but for the stag cuckold this is always by consent and any humiliation aspect is just a playful erotic teasing game with his wife rather than any real desire to be humiliated. He will never be humiliated or intimidated by his partner’s lovers. He is a strong type that simply derives huge erotic pleasure from seeing his wife or girlfriend being so alluring that nobody could resist her and considers it only natural and very arousing that she’ll need and deserve sexual satisfaction from others as well as him. He holds a genuine love and respect for his wife or girlfriend with whom he shares this erotic and fun lifestyle. For this reason the proper term for the partner of most hotwives is a Stag cuckold or just STAG rather than cuckold. This behavior ranges from merely sharing the fantasy and acting out role play scenarios to full on Hotwifing. It is just one part of a relationship and many couples only dabble occasionally. Some couples discover ‘Hotwifing’ early in their relationships while others find it much later but either way it is a hugely growing phenomenon. The reasons for ‘Hotwifing’ have always been around and lie deep in our evolutionary history as a species but factors such as female empowerment, better contraceptive/safer sex technologies, ease of online communication and information combined with other factors have brought it out of the shadows to the edge of the mainstream. Welcome to Stag and Hotwife Games, here we attempt to use images and captions to catch the eroticism and fun of couples that have delved into this world to reclaim the cuckold horns for the proud ‘STAG’

Great post which nails where my head is with the entire Hotwife thing. I don’t want to ever be a humiliated cuckold, I just want to see her push her boundaries as far as she is willing, and include me in the process.

A picture checklist for my business traveling wife



For those of you like me, who obsess over the fantasy of your girl crossing the line when she travels for business, I created this list of photos I encourage my wife to send me.

– any sexy selfie in any location
– sitting alone at a bar
– sitting with someone else at a bar
– with a guy or girl where they have a suggestive hand on you or you have a hand on them
– sandwiched between two hotties at a bar
– exposed in a hotel gym
– extra sexy in your hotel room
– partially clothed in the hotel hallway
– kissing someone
– airplane bathroom nudity
– a pic while masturbating
– sitting alone, or not, with your anklet on
– dancing with someone
– any pic showing you wearing fuck me shoes
– a screenshot of you submitting a sexy pic to someone on Tumblr
– a pic of someone you think is hot and want to fuck
– a Tumblr pic of something new you want to try
– a screenshot of you flirting with someone on Tumblr or Kik
– anything that would blow my mind

Soon she will face consequences for not playing along.

I love her.


I needed to repost this on a morning my wife is leaving for a week long business trip 😈

Sounds like fun Baby.